Privacy forms the bedrock of our services at PPH Wagering. We use Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) technology to ensure your data remains protected while providing a seamless and integrated gaming experience. This secure and controlled sharing of resources across different origins offers a smooth, uninterrupted gaming journey, keeping your privacy intact. Play with peace of mind, knowing your personal information stays private with us.


At PPH Wagering, we are committed to safeguarding your digital experience using robust technology like Cloudflare for DDoS Attack Protection and Wordfence for our WordPress sites. This ensures a shielded environment against cyber threats, with advanced malware protection. Our investment in Financial Fraud Analysis also means your transactions are consistently monitored and secured, minimizing any risk of financial fraud. Rest assured, your security is our priority.

Player Analysis

Fair and transparent play is at the heart of PPH Wagering. Our Sharp Player Monitoring system is designed to ensure a level playing field for all participants. This system identifies and analyzes unusual gaming patterns, promoting fairness and integrity in our games. Enjoy your gaming experience with the assurance that every player has a fair chance, thanks to our diligent player monitoring.